What I Want For You in 2017

What a gift... this life is. With its good and bad, ups and downs, with its surprises and the mundane... It is definitely a ride. An adventure. An experience. And I'm grateful.

There is so much to play with here. So much to do. So much to say, feel and discover. We all have a different story. Different limitations, rules, beliefs, obstacles... But we are all human, and we all seek the same things - love, acceptance, understanding, joy, discovery, expansion... We all want to feel what feels good. I wish for us, for this new 2017th year, to feel good. To do what makes us happy, what brings us joy... To love the mundane and to accept the lessons with grace and gratitude. I wish us all to be open to each other. To let the others in. Because 'happiness is only real when shared'. And I believe that. It's true.

So make someone smile. Say the words of love. Give those hugs and mean them. Squeeze a little longer. Stay present. Encourage. Give. Show gratitude. Embrace.

And remind me to do the same. Because after all, despite it all, we are here together. Sharing this ride. And our experiences overlap. They are similar in so many ways. So let's cherish each other and share our experience with those who are in our lives. Let's remember that we are all here temporarily. And love each other. Help each other. Celebrate each other.

Happy New Year. I love you. May you feel happy & connected more often this year.

Much Love,