Our First Hello

Here it is - a new blog. A new story to tell!

In a way, this marks history for me. Just days ago I made a big decision - one that may change my whole life. It's one of those moments when you find yourself standing at a huge fork in the road and knowing perfectly well that once you choose your direction, your life will be very different. And the further you go down one path, the further away becomes the other. Point of no return! And I'm excited. This direction - photography - sure feels right. It inspires me like nothing else ever has. It gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me up at night. Ideas flood my mind and my hands are itching to realize them. I can't wait to share my journey here with you! I hope it will be one worth following, and may it inspire us to keep dreaming, working, and realizing our imagination!

Welcome to my new website & blog! I hope you find something inspiring here and that you visit often.

Let us begin!