What Every Woman Needs to Know...

Every woman needs to know… How beautiful she is inside and out. In today’s world we are all running so fast to places we want to get… Stumbling over details, living life vicariously through social posts and displayed successes of others… That unless we are reminded on a regular basis about the beauty of the moment and of ourselves living through that moment, it slips away, the beauty of life slips away under a mountain of to-dos and have-tos and want-tos.

YOU are beautiful. But it’s not how you are used to think about it… It’s not about how you seem to other people or how you think of yourself.. It’s your happiness that is beautiful, your energy, your joy, your bliss that is so evident to everyone around and to yourself when it is there.

What I’d like to ask of you today is this: Relax. Breathe. Let yourself experience bliss and happiness. Allow yourself to FEEL beautiful. To feel the beauty of life all around you -- the trees, flowers, bees, kids, successes, breakthroughs, art, love, families, physical strength, and anything that inspires you… It is here. It is in this world - for you to marvel at.

Well there you have it.

Allow yourself to marvel at life in all its quirky shapes and forms. It is beautiful, and so are you. We are inseparable from life. Just as diverse and magnificent as life is, so are you.

I hope that if and when we meet, you get to feel what I’m talking about. You get a glimpse of the beauty of yourself when you are happy. My quest here is simply that - to remind you. To reflect back at you what you already know. To put a mirror up in front of your most beautiful, glorious self and to have this beauty magnify with the power of your inner joy and outer smile.

May you be happy today and always,

Infinite Love,


Giving for Good

Over the past few months, we have been cooking up an exciting event, at the heart of which lies generosity and kindness.

One day, about 4 months ago, I was lucky to receive a phone call from a lovely lady whom I knew mostly through her parents (I used to take drama classes and perform on stage at a community theatre ran by her family). She told me about her idea and asked me if I would consider donating my photography for it. The idea involved dogs & flowers, and of course me being an animal lover I quickly got excited to be involved! And from that moment on, the snowball began to roll... 

And so here we are now - introducing to you our creation - an event to honor and celebrate the beauty of all dogs, so that we can save more of them by fundraising for a local rescue - Big and Small Rescue Society.

Leana, the girl that called, told me her story. She adopted two rough-looking dogs from the rescue and they changed her life. Now she wants to change the lives of others - dogs and humans included. Hence, this Fundraiser has been a gesture of her heart - organizing and negotiating over the course of the past few months. Read the Vancity Buzz article covering her story here: (Thanks Vancity Buzz!)

As for my heart, it is in it fully too - all proceeds from ticket sales for April 23 and 30th are for Big and Small Rescue Society. That's right, 100% of proceeds from your session bookings made on those two Saturdays in April are going to the Rescue!

Let us now bring to you all the juicy details of this beautiful event not to be missed. Please tell others and let's pack our studio full so that we can save more dogs by supporting Big and Small Rescue with all the wonderful work they do for the animals.

Join us on April 23, 30th and May 14 (Saturdays) for photo sessions of your beloved dog wearing fresh flower crowns (generously made and donated by in my studio (Mount Pleasant/Olympic Village neighbourhood). Sessions run every 30 minutes from 10 am to 5 pm and the cost is $60 (photo session + 1 high-resolution retouched digital image for you to keep). Additional images will be available for a bargain of $25/each with half of those proceeds going to support the rescue as well. Book online through Big and Small Rescue website here: and let's create art for you and your furry wet-nosed friend!

I can't wait to see you and your dog there! 

With love,


That Special Bond

The past few days a thought about that special bond has been dangling at the front of my mind...filling me with warmth and gratitude. Perhaps it is a nudge to dedicate this post to the subject of connection with my models. And in the past few days, my models have been dogs. And here's what occurred to me: 

Each photoshoot is incredibly special to me. While it is a brief encounter, it is a mini-relationship with its own intimacy and closeness. The connection a photographer and model share is unique and lasts a few hours at most, but in that time and space magic happens. And lately, this magic has been happening to me while photographing dogs. 

I've always been an animal lover, but now, I feel that love has deepened. I honor each animal I photograph and greet it like a long time friend. We form an instant connection based on warmth and mutual love. That's right, I love each soul I shoot (with my camera, of course!), and it seems to me, each one can feel my love. 

Every photoshoot, I get licks and kisses across my face from my dog models and I love every moment of it! Owners apologize for the excessive affection of their pet, but to me this is the happiest moment! It gives me so much joy to see an animal happy, enjoying itself, and treating me with trust and playfulness. There is no word to fully describe the feeling. All I can say is... Thank you. Thank you for bringing your furchild into my studio and giving me the opportunity to connect with them, get to know their character, and then capture it for you and all of us to enjoy. I feel very lucky to have these moments. It is that special bond that gives me and my work depth and meaning beyond the images I create.

Thank you to Vea & family for bringing Minka & Stirling to studio for a photoshoot with me! I adored photographing these lovebugs!

With love & gratitude always,