That Special Bond

The past few days a thought about that special bond has been dangling at the front of my mind...filling me with warmth and gratitude. Perhaps it is a nudge to dedicate this post to the subject of connection with my models. And in the past few days, my models have been dogs. And here's what occurred to me: 

Each photoshoot is incredibly special to me. While it is a brief encounter, it is a mini-relationship with its own intimacy and closeness. The connection a photographer and model share is unique and lasts a few hours at most, but in that time and space magic happens. And lately, this magic has been happening to me while photographing dogs. 

I've always been an animal lover, but now, I feel that love has deepened. I honor each animal I photograph and greet it like a long time friend. We form an instant connection based on warmth and mutual love. That's right, I love each soul I shoot (with my camera, of course!), and it seems to me, each one can feel my love. 

Every photoshoot, I get licks and kisses across my face from my dog models and I love every moment of it! Owners apologize for the excessive affection of their pet, but to me this is the happiest moment! It gives me so much joy to see an animal happy, enjoying itself, and treating me with trust and playfulness. There is no word to fully describe the feeling. All I can say is... Thank you. Thank you for bringing your furchild into my studio and giving me the opportunity to connect with them, get to know their character, and then capture it for you and all of us to enjoy. I feel very lucky to have these moments. It is that special bond that gives me and my work depth and meaning beyond the images I create.

Thank you to Vea & family for bringing Minka & Stirling to studio for a photoshoot with me! I adored photographing these lovebugs!

With love & gratitude always,